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Electrical Equipment Testing

Since early 2015, Alcalab is conducting various types of testing of electrical equipment commonly used by the industries. Besides testing, we also carry out servicing if required by the customer. Details of our Testing equipments & facilities available, Scope of work undertaken for testing and types of Testing carried out in the laboratory as well as at customer site are provided here.

Testing Equipment & Facilities available for testing .

Reliable testing equipments of high level of accuracy and manufactured by well-known brands with valid calibration/test certificates are only used for testing purpose, like

  • Transformer Resistance measurement kit, Make-SCOPE, Model- TRM 104
  • Contact Resistance measurement kit, Make-SCOPE, Model-CRM100,
  • Breaker Time Test Kit, Make-SCOPE, Model-SCOT
  • IR/PI/DAR Measurement Kit, Make-MOTWANE
  • Motorized Oil BDV Test Kit, Make-NTPL
  • 3-ph Variac (15amps),
  • Motor Checker
  • HV Power Detector, Make-MOTWANE
  • Digital Multimeter, Make-FLUKE
  • Digital Tong Tester, Make MATRIVE
  • LCR Meter, Make-
  • Phase Sequence Meter,
  • Earth Resistance Measurement Kit, Make-MEGGER
  • HV Hand Gloves,
  • Engineering Ground Discharge Rod,
  • DC High Voltage Test Kit (70KV), Make-NTPL
  • AC High Voltage Test kit (50KV), Make-NTPL
  • Primary Injection testing kit, Make-
  • Secondary Injection testing kit, Make-NTPL
  • Energy Meter calibrator (HV/LT), Make-SECURE, Model-ACUCHECK (HT+, LT+)

We also have the testing facilities using the following equipment & test kit through an arrangement with our associated company on mutual sharing basis.

  • Omikron
  • SMRT (Make: MEGGER)
  • Automatic / Semi Automatic Tan Delta Test Kit.
  • SFRA Test Kit

Scope of the Job undertaken for Testing

  • Transformer Testing of all capacity
  • Electrical Motor Testing (AC/DC)
  • Switch Gear Testing (Indoor/Outdoor), Breaker, Bus bar, Isolator etc.
  • Current Transformer / Potential Transformer test of HV/LV
  • Grounding Pit Testing & Maintenance
  • HV/LV Feeder Protective Relay Testing
  • Lightning Arrestor / Surge Arrestor Testing
  • BUS BAR Joints, Cable Joints,
  • High Voltage (AC/DC) Test of all Equipment.
  • Transformer Oil BDV & DGA (from NABL accredited test lab) Testing.
  • Microprocessor Relay
  • Commissioning Test of all Electrical Equipment

Typical Testing activities carried out by Alcalab :

  • HV Testing
  • Breaker Timing
  • Primary Injection testing
  • Secondary Injection testing
  • Relay Calibration & testing including Microprocessor based Relays
  • Tan Delta testing
  • Transformer Oil DGA Test

All testing is carried out as per SOP prepared & validated based on IS & other relevant Standards and follow best industry practice.

Other Services provided by Alcalab

  • Transformer Oil Filtration including Heat Run of Transformer, where required
  • Servicing of HV/LV Breaker
  • Problem analysis of Electrical equipment/installation and providing solution.

List of major client :

Within a period of less than a year of our launching electrical equipment testing initiative, we have already provided testing & other services to several customers in and around Jamshedpur. List of key customers is provided below :

  • JUSCO Ltd.
  • TRF Ltd.
  • The Indian Steel & Wire Products Ltd.
  • Linde India Ltd.
  • Tata Steel Ltd. (Tube Division, Noamundi, Jamadoba)
  • Tata BlueScope Steel Limited
  • Tata Steel Processing & Distribution Ltd.
  • Lafarge India Ltd.
  • Praxair India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Tayo Rolls Ltd.
  • Jamshedpur Engg. & Machine Mfg. Company.
  • Mascot Electromech Pvt. Ltd.
  • Nalco Water India Ltd.
  • JAMIPOL Ltd.