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Our Services

Calibration: At Laboratory & On Site

We carry out equipment calibration in our permanent laboratory having complete facilities in respect of masters, reference standards, calibrating equipments, calibration environment & infrastructural facilities. Based on customer needs, we also provide on-site calibration services at customer premises for the equipments which cannot be conveniently dismantled or moved to our permanent laboratory. Our on-site calibration services are also accredited by NABL which covers equipments as per the scope mentioned.

Collection & Delivery 0f Equipment/ Instrument from Customer

We provide equipment collection & delivery services to both outside as well as local customers against collection & delivery charges on no-profit-no-loss basis. Customers, however, to meet certain criteria to avail this service in terms of ensuring minimum lot quantity and convenient facility for collection from & delivery to the customer after calibration.

Equipment Sales & Service

We are the only authorised dealer of Fine manufacturing Industries and Fine Testing Machines , Miraj (Maharasthra) in Jharkhand, Bihar & Odisha for selling Material Testing machines & equipments like various models of Brinell Hardness Tester, Rockwell Hardness Tester, Vickers Hardness Tester, Impact Testing Machine, Universal Testing Machine, Cupping Test Machine, Jominy Hardenability Testing Machine and so on. All these machines are serviced by our factory trained technicians. All types of spares including NABL approves Standard Test Block for Hardness Testing as required by the customer are supplied by us.

Instrument Repair services

We do repair work of select types of measuring & testing equipments. This include repair of Micrometer, Vernier Calliper, Dial indicator, Gauges and so on. High quality spares as necessary for repairing the instruments are provided by us. We also undertake salvaging work of worn out Surface Plates by scrapping & lapping using especially skilled artisans to restore the required specification class.